Flashcards for getting help for a SEND child
“Needs” flash cards for parents and professionals.
Getting help for my SEND child
Easy to use, high quality, illustrated resources
Resources for getting help for a SEND child
A3 Planner for Education Health and Care Plans

Coming soon - resource for girls with autism

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Using flashcards to get help for a SEND child

Welcome to SEN NAV

Navigating the education, NHS and social care system can be difficult for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

The terminology used to talk about SEND is hard to understand, so finding the right words to describe the exact needs of your child or put a written case forward to a school, local authority or doctor can be really difficult.

Thankfully, SEN NAV is here to help with a range of unique visual resources designed specifically to make it easier for you to identify and explain the needs of your SEND child, in plain-English.

All of the resources have been created by a SEND training consultant, who is also a parent to a child with Special Needs, following her experience of seeing many parents struggle with securing the right support for their child.

Find out more about Olga’s story here.

Resources for parents to get help for a SEND child

Resources for Parents

These cleverly illustrated flash-cards will help you understand SEND jargon across the breadth of Special needs and disabilities and explain or link behaviours/ conditions more easily. An invaluable tool if you are trying to secure professional support.

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Resources for professionals to get help with a SEND child

Resources for Professionals

Hard-wearing versions of the illustrated ‘needs’ flash-cards. Plus handy A3 Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) planners designed to help professionals support parents and map a child’s needs against the SEND Code of Practice.

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SEN training and consultancy to get help for a SEND child

SEN Training & Consultancy

Olga Hamer is a highly skilled Special Educational Needs/Disability training consultant. She is available for consultancy and skilled facilitation work with parent-carer forums, SENDIAS services, schools and charitable organisations.

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My illustrations


People often ask how I go about designing my resources & illustrations.

So here is a quick time video and a sneaky look at my new product coming soon for Girls with Autism.

From Olga