About Olga

Olga Hamer is an independent SEND training consultant, illustrator and parent to a child with special educational needs. She has worked in the field of disability and special educational needs training and development since 1998 within the N.H.S, social care and the education sectors.

Olga has represented the SEND parent voice at county and national level on numerous influential boards, working directly with commissioners, schools, services, parents and young people.

She is passionate about delivering accessible training and resources to enable SEND parents to self-advocate for their children and to help children and young people reach best possible outcomes in life.

Olga is known for her highly visual and creative approach to training, incorporating the principles of person-centred planning and extensive knowledge of SEND processes.

She has a particular interest in the needs of children and young people with “invisible” disabilities and SEND law.

My Inspiration

The needs flash cards were inspired by listening to the stories of parents of children with SEND struggling to identify “needs” and secure the right level of SEND support for their children within the work Olga conducted as an voluntary SEND advocate. From this, the idea of producing a flash cards tool was born

We are indebted to the parent carer forum F.A.C.T. Bucks and the Bucks SENDIAS service for their support and their belief in the value of the resource. It is thanks to them and to all the SEND parents involved in the pilot phase that the cards are what they are today