When you are thrust into the deep end to either “sink” or “swim” by the SEND system, this training and the resources that go with it are your “arm- bands.” Olga Hamer is an amazing trainer. Every SEND parent should have these.

Liz, Parent

I am blown away by how much I have learnt in one day. Olga Hamer has a remarkable talent to make the minefield of SEND understandable and accessible. I feel so much better prepared to advocate for my child moving forward. Thank you so much!

Jo, Parent

Olga Hamer has a proven expertise in training development, SEND and creative thinking,

She has become the “mastermind” behind what is perhaps the best example of SEND co-production in Buckinghamshire following the 2014 SEND reforms.

We have jointly commissioned her services with FACT Bucks parent carer forum to design and develop a 1 day training workshop for parent/carers throughout the year which empowers them to participate fully in the EHC needs assessment process.

The Feedback from course participants has been consistently outstanding.

Sarah Smith, Team Leader, Bucks SEND IAS Service

I attended training with Olga on two occasions and they were the most enlightening workshops I have ever followed in the SEND world (and believe me, I have followed many).

I learnt an how to think about, structure, formulate and (if necessary) defend an EHCP including learning about the relevant laws with respect to this.

Not only does Olga provide amazing information and material in order to understand how to go about obtaining a suitable EHCP and what is involved, she also provides amazing resources that help with understanding the needs of children and how to write them up. I can highly recommend the EHCP training run by Olga and also the “Needs Cards” that she has developed – they are incredibly useful to any parent or professional.

Martina, Parent

The needs flash cards are so worth their weight in gold through the minefield of SEN. They have proven already how useful and helpful they are in an understandable way.

I would highly recommend them to everyone, parents and professionals who are struggling to understand the complexities of ASD and Co morbid conditions.

Alison, Parent

Needs Flash cards” are a really invaluable resource, including very detailed and accurate written information which is complimented by an informative picture that helps summarise the issue or additional condition being described. Having read the cards that I feel are most relevant to me, I can confirm they explain my thoughts and emotions. perfectly.

Fern, Young person